Trent University, Summer 2018
Mathematics 1120H
Calculus II: Integrals and Series

MATH 1120H continues the introduction to the concepts and techniques of single-variable integral calculus begun in MATH 1110H, with some applications to other areas of mathematics and science, followed by an introduction to sequences, series, and power series.

Prerequisite: MATH 1110H - Calculus I: Limits, Derivatives, and Integrals

Some useful general tips for first-year mathematics students are given in the pamphlet Enjoying Math! (pdf).


No doubt but magic may do much in this;
For he that reads but mathematic rules
Shall find conclusions that avail to work
Wonders that pass the common sense of men.

Robert Greene (from Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay)

Pre-Exam Office Hours: Friday, 27 July, 09:00-12:00, and Monday, 30 July, 12:30-16:00, all in GCS 337.

The MATH 1120H Final Exam will be on Monday, 30 July, 19:00-22:00 in GCS 105.

Handouts & Work

MATH 1120H, Summer 2018 (pdf):

MATH 1110H, Summer 2018 (pdf):

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