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Mathematics 3820H
Mathematics from medieval to modern times

MATH 3820H is a survey of the history of mathematics from medieval times onwards, with a focus on the development of arithmetic and algebra and the evolution of proofs and abstraction.

Prerequisite: Mathematics 1120H.
Recommended: Mathematics 2200H or 2350H.

Take-home Final Examination - due Friday, 18 December, 2020.

Stefan's Exam Period Office Hours
Thursday, 10 December, 20:00-20:50
Friday, 11 December, 15:00-15:50
Monday-Thursday, 14-17 December, 15:00-15:50 & 20:00-20:50
Friday, 18 December, 15:00-15:50
(All on Zoom - check your email & the Blackboard announcement for the invitations.)

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Some Resources

There is fair bit of material available online about the history of mathematics and related areas; a brief selection follows:

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