Index of Mathematics Courses    2009-2010

1000-Series Courses TimetableInstructorWebpage
MATH 1005H[105H] Applied Calculus Fall Xiaorang Li 1005FA homepage
Winter Section: Winter [To Be Announced] 1005WI homepage
Web-based Section: Not offered Not offered
MATH 1050[150] Non-calculus-based introduction
       to probability & statistics
Full Year A Michelle Boue 1050 homepage
Section B Not offered Not offered
MATH 1100[110] Calculus of one variable Full Year A Marcus Pivato 1100 homepage
MATH 1101[110] Functions & Calculus
       of one variable
Full Year A Bing Zhou 1101 homepage
MATH 1350H[135H] Linear Algebra I: Matrix Algebra Fall Stefan Bilaniuk 1350H-FA homepage
Winter section: Not offeredNot offered
MATH 1550H[155H] Intro. to Probability WinterReem Yassawi 1550H homepage
2000-Series CoursesTimetableInstructorWebpage
MATH 200 Calculus in several dimensions Now
MATH 2080[280] Mathematics for the
    Contemporary Classroom
Full Year A Gary Zuliani 2080 homepage
Section b: Not offered Not offered
MATH 2084H[284H] Recreational Mathematics Not offered Not offered 2084H homepage
MATH 2085H[285H] The Mathematics of Art,
    Architecture and Music
Not offered Not offered 2085H homepage
MATH 2110H[201H] Calculus of several variables FallReem Yassawi2110 homepage
MATH 2120H[202H] Vector Calculus Winter[To Be Announced]2120 homepage
MATH-PHYS 2150H[205H] Ordinary differential equations FallWenying Feng 2150 homepage
MATH-COIS 2180H[203H] Intro. to numerical and
       computational methods
WinterXiaorang Li 2180 homepage
MATH 206H Intro. to analysis Now 3790H
MATH 207H Intro. to numerical and
      computational methods
Now 2180H
MATH 2200H[220H] Mathematical ReasoningFallDavid Poole 2200H homepage
MATH 2260H[226H] Euclidean geometryWinterDavid Poole 2260 homepage
MATH 2350H[235H] Linear Algebra II: Vector spaces WinterStefan Bilaniuk 2350 homepage
MATH 2560H[256H] Intro. to statistical inference Fall Michelle Boue 2560H homepage
MATH-COIS 2600H[260H] Discrete structures FallBing Zhou 2600H homepage
3000-Series CoursesTimetableInstructorWebpage
MATH 306H Analysis II: Complex analysisNow 3770H
MATH 308H Methods of applied math.Now 3160H
MATH-PHYS 3150H[305H] Partial differential equations FallNikolai Dokuchaev 3150H homepage
MATH-PHYS 3160H[303H] Methods of applied math. WinterXiaorang Li 3160H homepage
MATH 311H Advanced Classical MechanicsNow 3140H
MATH 312H Classical MechanicsNow 3130H
MATH-PHYS 3130H[313H] Classical mechanics Fall[Physics Faculty]
MATH-PHYS 3140H[314H] Advanced classical mechanics Winter[Physics Faculty]
MATH 3200H[320H] Number theory Winter David Poole 3200H homepage
MATH-COIS 3210H[321H] Mathematical Cryptography Not offered Not offered 3210H homepage
MATH 322 Number Theory Split into
MATH 3260H[326H] Projective &
       non-Euclidean geometries
Not offeredNot offered
MATH 330 Abstract Algebra Split into
MATH 3320H[332H] Groups & Symmetry Fall David Poole 3320H homepage
MATH-COIS 3350H[335H] Linear Optimization Fall Marcus Pivato 3350H homepage
MATH 3360H[336H] Rings & Fields Not offered Not offered 3360H homepage
MATH 341 Linear and discrete optimizationNow
Not offered
MATH 3510H[351H] Financial Mathematics Fall Nikolai Dokuchaev 3510H homepage
MATH 355 Intro. to statistical analysis Now
MATH 3560H[356H] Linear Statistical Models Not offered Not offered 3560H homepage
MATH 3570H[357H] Intro. to Stochastic Processes Fall Michelle Boue 3570H homepage
MATH 3610H[361H] Discrete Optimization Fall Bing Zhou 3610H homepage
MATH 3700H[310H] Metric Geometry and Topology WinterReem Yassawi 3700H homepage
MATH 3720H[302H] Differential Geometry Not offeredNot offered 3720H homepage
MATH 3770H[307H] Analysis II: Complex analysis FallReem Yassawi 3770H homepage
MATH 3790H[309H] Analysis I: Intro. to analysis FallStefan Bilaniuk 3790 Homepage
MATH 380 History of Math. Split into
MATH 3810H[381H] Ancient & Classical Mathematics Fall Stefan Bilaniuk 3810H homepage
MATH 3820H[382H] Mathematics from mediaeval
   to modern times
Not offered Not offered 3820H homepage
MATH 3900[390] Reading-seminar courseContact
Math Dept.
MATH 3901H[391H] Reading-seminar courseContact
Math Dept.
MATH 3902H[392H] Reading-seminar courseContact
Math Dept.
MATH 3903H[393H] Reading-seminar courseContact
Math Dept.
MATH 3904H[394H] Reading-seminar courseContact
Math Dept.
4000-Series CoursesTimetableInstructorWebpage
MATH 406HMeasure and integration Now 4790H
MATH 411 Intro. to mathematical modellingNow
MATH 4120H[412H] Mathematical modelling I Fall Xiaorang Li4120 Homepage
MATH 4130H[413H] Mathematical modelling II Not offered Not offered4130 Homepage
MATH 4160H[405H] Advanced methods of
       applied mathematics
Not offered Not offered4160 Homepage
MATH 4180H[403H] Advanced Numerical Methods Winter Xiaorang Li4180 Homepage
MATH-COIS 4215H[415H] Mathematical logic Not offered Not offered 4215H homepage
MATH-COIS 4216H[416H] Computability Winter Stefan Bilaniuk 4216H homepage
MATH 4260H[426H] Topics in geometryNot offered Not offered 4260H homepage
MATH 4310H[431H] Galois theoryNot offeredNot offered 4310 Homepage
MATH 4320H[432H] Topics in algebraNot offeredNot offered 4320 Homepage
MATH 4330H[433H] Homological Algebra
       & Algebraic Topology
Not offeredNot offered 4330 Homepage
MATH 4350H[435H] Modules, Multilinear Algebra,
       and Linear Groups
Not offeredNot offered 4350 Homepage
MATH 436H Topology II: General topology Discontinued
MATH 4370H[437H] Commutative Algebra
       & Algebraic Geometry
Not offeredNot offered 4370 Homepage
MATH 4370H[437H] Topics in topologyNow 4700H
MATH 4510H[451H] Mathematical Risk Management Not offeredNot offered4510 Homepage
MATH 4510H[451H] Sampling theory Now 4560H
MATH 4560H[456H] Topics in Statistics Not offered Not offered 4560 homepage
MATH 4561H(New!) Sampling Not offered Not offered 4561 homepage
MATH 4562H(New!) Design of Experiments Not offered Not offered 4562 homepage
MATH 4563H(New!) Foundations of research design
and data analysis
Not offered Not offered 4563 homepage
MATH 4570H[457H] Topics in Stochastic Processes Winter Michelle Boue 4570H homepage
MATH 460 Combinatorics and graph theory Now
MATH 4610H[461H] Intro. to Graph Theory Not offered Not offered 4610 homepage
MATH 4620H[462H] Intro. to Combinatorics Winter Bing Zhou 4620 homepage
MATH 4700H[410H] Topics in topologyNot offeredNot offered
MATH 470 Dynamic. syst., chaos & fractals Now
MATH 4710H[471H] Chaos, Symbolic dynamics,
       and fractals
Not offered Not offered 4710 homepage
MATH 4720H[472H] Fractals & complex dynamics Not offered Not offered 4720 homepage
MATH 4770H[407H] Advanced Complex Analysis Not offered Not offered4770 homepage
MATH 4790H[409H] Measure and integration Not offered Not offered4790 homepage
MATH 4810H[481H] Perspectives in Mathematics INot offered [Team Taught] 4810H homepage
MATH 4820H[482H] Perspectives in Mathematics II Not offered[Team Taught] 4820H homepage
MATH 4850H(New!) Community-Based
          Research Project
Not offered Not offered 4850 homepage
MATH 4900[490] Reading-seminar courseContact
Math Dept.
MATH 4901H[491H]Reading-seminar courseContact
Math Dept.
MATH 4902H[492H]Reading-seminar courseContact
Math Dept.
MATH 4903H[493H] Reading-seminar courseContact
Math Dept.
MATH 4904H[494H] Reading-seminar courseContact
Math Dept.
MATH 4950H[495H] Special TopicsContact
Math Dept.
MATH 4951H(New!) Math through problem-solving Fall David Poole
MATH 4952H(New!) Voting, Bargaining &
Social Choice
Winter Marcus Pivato

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