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Trent University offers a variety of exciting degrees in Mathematics and related disciplines, including:

The Math Course Index is a concise list of the available mathematics courses. The Math Course Descriptions provides more detail. First-year courses include core courses in calculus and linear algebra as well as an introduction to probability plus a half-year introduction to calculus and a non-calculus introduction to statistics for students from other disciplines. Upper-year courses cover a variety of areas such as abstract algebra, analysis, chaos and fractals, computer oriented mathematics, differential equations, discrete mathematics, history of mathematics, linear algebra, mathematical logic, measure and integration, number theory, probability, statistics, and topology.

Mathematics courses at Trent are primarily taught in the fall/winter session in Peterborough. A small number of courses will be available at the Durham campus and a small number will be available in the summer session. For further information on summer session courses or Durham courses, contact the Department via the contact information below.


Department of Mathematics
Trent University
1600 West Bank Drive
Peterborough, Ontario
Phone:(705) 748-1011 x7531
Fax:(705) 748-1155
Main Office:Peter Gzowski College #342
(On east bank, south of Otonabee College.
Accessible from Pioneer Road)

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