B.Sc. (Honours) in Mathematics, Specialization in Statistics.

The Specialization in Statistics (Honours) is available to students in the single or joint major Honours program in Mathematics. The transcripts of students graduating with a single or joint Honours degree in Mathematics who have successfully completed the requirements of the Specialization will contain the notation ``with a Specialization in Statistics.''


Courses Required for the Specialization:

- 2.5 MATH credits consisting of MATH 1550H (155H), 2150H (205H), 2180H (203H), 2560H (256H) and 3560H (356H)

- 0.5 MATH credits from MATH 4561H or 4562H

- 2.0 credits in addition to the above from 3570H (357H), 4560H (456H), 4561H, 4562H, 4563H, 4570H (457H), 4850 or COIS 4400H

- 1.0 COIS credit consisting of COIS 1010H and 1020H

- a minor from another department at Trent, following the academic calendar, or 3 credits beyond the 2000-level from one program other than Mathematics.