Mathematical Computer Science

Program Co-ordinators

Chair of Computing & Information Systems

B.G. Patrick, B.C.S. (Concordia), M.Sc. (Queen's), Ph.D., M.B.A. (McGill)

Chair of Mathematics

R. Yassawi, B.Sc. (London School of Economics), M.Sc., Ph.D. (McGill)


See listing of faculty in Computing & Information Systems and in Mathematics.

This program is intended for mathematically talented students who are interested in the theoretical foundations of computer science. The program will prepare students who may wish to go to graduate school and perhaps eventually become researchers in theoretical computer science, cryptography, or applied discrete mathematics.



The Honours program. At least 15 credits in Computer Science and Mathematics, including:

- 3.5 COIS credits consisting of COIS 1010H, 1020H, 2020H, 2320H, 3050H, 4050H and 4470H (COSC 101H, 102H, 202H, 232H, 305H, 405H and 447H)

- 2.0 COIS - MATH credits consisting of COIS - MATH 2180H, 3210H, 4215H, 4216H (COSC - MATH 203H, 321H, 415H, 416H)

- 0.5 MATH - COIS credit consisting of MATH - COIS 2600H; or MATH - COST 260

- 6.0 MATH credits consisting of MATH 1100 (110), 1350H (135), 1550H (155), 2110H (201H), 2120H (202H), 2200H (220H), 2350H (235H), 3610H (361H), 4180H (403H), 4610H (461H), 4620H (462H)

- 0.5 MATH credit from MATH 3320H (332H) or 3360H (336H) or 3570H (357H)

- 2.5 additional credits from COIS - PHIL 2400H, 3410H, COIS 3400H, 4100H, 4310H, 4320H, 4550H, or any 3000- or 4000-level courses in Mathematics in any of categories A, B or C (see Mathematics)