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Got it   Need it MATH 105H Applied Calculus Fall Wendi Morrison
Winter Wendi Morrison
Winter Marco Pollanen
Got it   Need itMATH 110 Calculus of one variable Full Year A Bing Zhou 110 homepage
Full Year B Mihail Tanase 110 homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 135H Linear Algebra I: Matrix Algebra Fall David Poole135 homepage
WinterMihail Tanase 135 homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 150 Non-calculus-based introduction
       to probability & statistics
Full Year A Michelle Boue150 homepage
Full Year B Xiaorang Li150 homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 155H Intro. to Probability WinterMihail Tanase 155 homepage
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Got it   Need itMATH 200 Calculus in several dimensions Now Math 201/202
Got it   Need itMATH 201H Calculus of several variables FallXiaorang Li
Got it   Need itMATH 202H Vector Calculus WinterXiaorang Li
Got it   Need itMATH 203H Intro. to numerical and
   computational methods
WinterKenzu Abdella 203 Homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 205H Ordinary differential equations FallKenzu Abdella
Got it   Need itMATH 206H Intro. to analysis Now Math 309H
Got it   Need itMATH 207H Intro. to numerical and
  computational methods
Now Math 203H
Got it   Need itMATH 220H Intro. to Pure MathematicsFallMarcus Pivato 220 Homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 226H Euclidean geometryWinterStefan Bilaniuk
Got it   Need itMATH 235H Linear Algebra II: Vector spaces WinterDavid Poole
Got it   Need itMATH 256H Intro. to statistical inference Fall Michelle Boue 256 homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 260 Discrete structures Full YearMarco Pollanen 260 homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 280 Mathematics for the
    Contemporary Classroom
Full Year A Wendi Morrison 280 homepage
Full Year B Wendi Morrison 280 homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 284HRecreational Mathematics Fall Stefan Bilaniuk 284H homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 285HThe Mathematics of Art,
    Architecture and Music
Fall Reem Yassawi 285H homepage
Math logo 300-Series CoursesTimetableInstructorWebpage
Got it   Need itMATH 302H Differential Geometry FallMihail Tanase 302 homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 303H Methods of applied math. WinterKenzu Abdella 303 homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 305H Partial differential equations FallXiaorang Li 305 homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 306H Analysis II: Complex analysisNow Math 307H
Got it   Need itMATH 307H Analysis II: Complex analysis FallNikolai Dokuchaev 307 homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 308H Methods of applied math.Now Math 303H
Got it   Need itMATH 309H Analysis I: Intro. to analysis Not offeredNot offered 309 Homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 310HMetric Geometry and Topology WinterMarcus Pivato 310 homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 311H Advanced Classical MechanicsNow Math 314H
Got it   Need itMATH 312H Classical MechanicsNow Math 313H
Got it   Need itMATH 313H Classical mechanics Fall[Physics Faculty]
Got it   Need itMATH 314H Advanced classical mechanics Winter[Physics Faculty]
Got it   Need itMATH 320H Number theory Winter Marcus Pivato 320H Homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 321HMathematical Cryptography Not offered Not offered 321H Homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 322 Number Theory Split into
Math 320H/321H
Got it   Need itMATH 326H Projective &
       non-Euclidean geometries
Not offeredNot offered
Got it   Need itMATH 330 Abstract Algebra Split into
Math 332H/336H
Got it   Need itMATH 332H Groups & Symmetry Fall Marco Pollanen 332H homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 335HLinear Optimization Not offered Not offered 335 homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 336H Rings & Fields Not offered Not offered 336H homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 341 Linear and discrete optimizationNow Math 335/361 Not offered
Got it   Need itMATH 351HFinancial Mathematics Fall Nikolai Dokuchaev 351 homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 355 Intro. to statistical analysis Now Math 256/356
Got it   Need itMATH 356H Linear Statistical Models Not offered Not offered 356 homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 357H Intro. to Stochastic Processes Fall Michelle Boue 357 homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 361H Discrete Optimization Fall Bing Zhou 361 homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 380 Abstract Algebra Split into
Math 381H/382H
Got it   Need itMATH 381H Ancient & Classical Mathematics Fall Stefan Bilaniuk 381H homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 382H Mathematics from mediaeval
   to modern times
Not offered Not offered 382H homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 390 Reading-seminar courseContact
Math Dept.
Got it   Need itMATH 391H Reading-seminar courseContact
Math Dept.
Got it   Need itMATH 392H Reading-seminar courseContact
Math Dept.
Got it   Need itMATH 393H Reading-seminar courseContact
Math Dept.
Got it   Need itMATH 394H Reading-seminar courseContact
Math Dept.
Math logo 400-Series CoursesTimetableInstructorWebpage
Got it   Need itMATH 403HAdvanced Numerical Methods Winter Kenzu Abdella
Got it   Need itMATH 405H Advanced methods of
    applied mathematics
Not offered Not offered
Got it   Need itMATH 406HMeasure and integration Now Math 409H
Got it   Need itMATH 407HAdvanced Complex Analysis Winter Reem Yassawi
Got it   Need itMATH 409HMeasure and integration Fall Reem Yassawi
Got it   Need itMATH 410H Topics in topologyNot offeredNot offered
Got it   Need itMATH 411 Intro. to mathematical modellingNow Math 412/413
Got it   Need itMATH 412HMathematical modelling I Fall Kenzu Abdella
Got it   Need itMATH 413HMathematical modelling II Not offered Not offered
Got it   Need itMATH 415H Mathematical logic Not offered Not offered 415 homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 416H Computability Not offered Not offered
Got it   Need itMATH 426H Topics in geometryNot offered Not offered 426 Homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 431H Galois theoryWinterDavid Poole
Got it   Need itMATH 432H Topics in algebraNot offeredNot offered
Got it   Need itMATH 433H Homological Algebra
    and Algebraic Topology
WinterMarcus Pivato
Got it   Need itMATH 435H Modules, Multilinear Algebra,
   and Linear Groups
Not offeredNot offered
Got it   Need itMATH 436H Topology II: General topology Discontinued
Got it   Need itMATH 437H Commutative Algebra
    and Algebraic Geometry
Not offeredNot offered
Got it   Need itMATH 437H Topics in topologyNow Math 410H
Got it   Need itMATH 451H Mathematical Risk Management Not offeredNot offered
Got it   Need itMATH 451HSampling theory Now Math 456
Got it   Need itMATH 456H Topics in Statistics Not offered Not offered Statistics Page
Got it   Need itMATH 457H Topics in Stochastic Processes Winter Michelle Boue 457 homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 460 Combinatorics and graph theory Now Math 461/462
Got it   Need itMATH 461H Intro. to Graph Theory Fall Bing Zhou
Got it   Need itMATH 462H Intro. to Combinatorics Winter Bing Zhou
Got it   Need itMATH 470 Dynamic. syst., chaos & fractals Now Math 471/472
Got it   Need itMATH 471H Chaos, Symbolic dynamics,
   and fractals
Fall Marcus Pivato
Got it   Need itMATH 472H Fractals & complex dynamics Winter Marcus Pivato
Got it   Need itMATH 481HPerspectives in Mathematics IWinter [Team Taught] 481 homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 482HPerspectives in Mathematics II Not offered[Team Taught] 482 homepage
Got it   Need itMATH 490 Reading-seminar courseContact
Math Dept.
Got it   Need itMATH 491HReading-seminar courseContact
Math Dept.
Got it   Need itMATH 492HReading-seminar courseContact
Math Dept.
Got it   Need itMATH 493H Reading-seminar courseContact
Math Dept.
Got it   Need itMATH 494H Reading-seminar courseContact
Math Dept.

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