Bing Zhou

Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
Trent University

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My main areas of research are in graph theory and combinatorics. I am particularly interested in graph coloring, extremal problems involving chromatic numbers and planar graphs. I have also done some work in hypergraphs and partially ordered sets.

Some of my recent papers:

1. On a construction of graphs with high chromatic capacity and large girth, in Discrete Mathemaitcs.

2. A lower bound for the chromatic capacity in terms of the chromatic number of a graph, in Discrete Mathematics.

3. On graph orientation and the number of vertices in a longest directed path, submitted.

4. On color critical graphs with large adaptable chromatic numbers, submitted.


2015 Fall

MATH 1110H   Calculus I

MATH 4620H   Graph Theory

2016 Winter

MATH 1120H   Calculus II

MATH 3610H   Discrete optimization