Trent University Mathematics Program Roadmap

This resource was created to help Trent math students plan a four year study program. The Roadmap is a diagram showing the pre/corequisites of each math course, and distinguishing courses which are offered every year from those offered only in even/odd years.

To assist interdisciplinary students, the full Roadmap also displays all courses in Computer Science, Physics, and Chemistry, and some mathematical Philosophy courses. Students with more restricted interests may prefer an `abridged' version of the map, showing only Math/Physics, Math/Chemistry, Math/Computer Science, or exclusively Mathematics.

The Roadmaps are available for printing in Adobe PDF format or as gzipped PostScript files. There is also a fully hyperlinked online version.

The full Roadmap Online (size: 8400 kb) Adobe PDF (size: 104 kb) Gzipped Postscript (size: 93 kb)
Math courses only Online (size: 3772 kb) Adobe PDF (size: 16 kb) Gzipped Postscript (size: 21 kb)
Math and physics Online (size: 4851 kb) Adobe PDF (size: 47 kb) Gzipped Postscript (size: 45 kb)
Math and chemistry Online (size: 5544 kb) Adobe PDF (size: 44 kb) Gzipped Postscript (size: 45 kb)
Math and Comp. Sci. Online (size: 5756 kb) Adobe PDF (size: 44 kb) Gzipped Postscript(size: 45 kb)

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This road map was created by Marcus Pivato using the TGIF drawing software for RedHat Linux