Information for Authors

Content. The AEJM solicits submissions containing new results, new perspectives on known results, historical aspects of mathematics, relationships between areas of mathematics (or other areas of study), or interesting applications of mathematical ideas or techniques. While original research results are not required, high quality in exposition and content are required. In keeping with the aim of the AEJM, we especially encourage submissions from student authors, both undergraduate and graduate students.

Submission. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically via e-mail to

The AEJM accepts initial submissions in most electronic document formats (TeX, LaTeX, Word, PDF, PS, DVI, RTF, ...). However, once the manuscript is accepted, the document will have to be formatted in LaTeX using our style file and the author will be asked to do this. To aid in this process, we encourage authors to prepare their documents using the AEJM LaTeX template in the first instance.

Download the AEJM LaTeX template (Thanks to AIMS ( for letting us use their style file.)

Articles should contain a title, descriptive abstract and an alphabetical list of authors, with one of the authors designated as corresponding author. Since the abstract will be used to describe the contents of the article, it should be able to be reproduced in standard HTML (that is, should not have mathematical symbols).

Articles should be written in either English or French.

As part of the initial submission, we request a short biographical note on each author.

For further information on formatting a document, please contact the AEJM at

After final revisions and formatting, articles will be posted permanently on the AEJM website; no further alteration will be allowed. However, authors may provide additional information by setting links to their web pages, or by attaching addenda/corrigenda to their articles (subject to editorial and refereeing approval).

We do not require authors to assign copyright to the AEJM, but we do require a signed release form giving the AEJM the right to publish the work.