The 2D Wave Equation on a Square;

Homogeneous Dirichlet Boundary Conditions

cos(21/2 t) sin(x) sin(y)

cos(51/2 t) sin(2x) sin(y)

cos(101/2 t) sin(3x) sin(y)

cos(51/2 t) sin(x) sin(2y)

cos(81/2 t) sin(2x) sin(2y)

cos(131/2 t) sin(3x) sin(2y)

cos(101/2 t) sin(x) sin(3y)

cos(131/2 t) sin(2x) sin(3y)

cos(181/2 t) sin(3x) sin(3y)

These animations were generated using Waterloo MAPLE, and were optimized using the GIMP image manipulation program.

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