Recommended for math majors!

Maple V Release 5

Windows/Macintosh/Linux VIP Bundle on CD-ROM.
Includes the Maple V Learning Guide plus on-line help and documentation.
$79.95 (+ 7% GST) at the Trent University Bookstore
The full edition at the price of the student edition! (That's a tenth of the usual price!)
Ask for it in the textbook section -- it's shelved out of the way.

Maple V is a powerful mathematics software package for performing both symbolic and numerical computations. Among other things, it can differentiate and integrate (showing the steps if you wish!), find the roots of polynomials, manipulate infinite series, solve differential equations, compute Fourier transforms, solve systems of linear equations, and so on. Maple V is useful in avoiding getting bogged down in manipulating symbols when doing problems and in checking answers to computations performed by hand. (Very handy when studying!) Release 5 includes significant improvements to the interface, and the full edition includes a large number of libraries extending Maple V's functionality to all manner of areas and problems in mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics recommends Maple V to all mathematics majors and to other students taking a significant number of mathematics courses. It should be especially useful for students taking calculus, differential equations, or modelling, and will come in handy in many other courses.

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