ICMS 2014 Session: Mathematical Web/Mobile Interfaces, Editing and Scientific Visualization

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Aim and Scope

Since the last ICMS there has been rapid technological innovation in human-computer interaction. Touch-enabled interfaces, mobile devices, cloud computing, and Web 2.0 are changing the way users engage with technology. Aligned with this spectacular technological development, computer tools for mathematical editing and scientific artwork generation and visualization (such as scientific and graphical editors, word processors, mathematical utilities for the web, and others) are becoming ubiquitous in our current digital world. Today's authors are usually required to type scientific papers with embedded mathematical content and sophisticated pictures and other artwork, leading to an increasing demand of computer solutions for those purposes.

The aim of this session is to focus on the mathematical aspects of all these exciting advances, bringing together researchers, developers and users of mathematical web/mobile interfaces, mathematical editing and scientific visualization tools, to explore how evolving technologies may influence the direction of current developments in those fields. The session accepts papers addressing research and development issues and presenting technologies oriented to mathematical Web/Mobile interfaces, editing and scientific visualization. Papers exploring educational experiences by using these technologies in an original way are also welcome.

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