Assignment #3

Due: 2 November, 1998

Getting a squash court

When the athletic centre at Unseen University opens at 8 a.m., people start to line up to book squash courts for the following day. At 8:10 the sign-up sheet is brought out and the line starts to move at the rate of six people per minute; that is, it takes each player ten seconds sign up for a court. Below is a graph of the total number n of people who have arrived to sign up for a court by t minutes past 8 a.m.


For example, the height of the graph at t = 30 is n = 200, which means that the 200th person arrives at 8:30.

Use the graph to answer the following six questions.

  1. How many people are in the line-up at 8:30? [1]
  2. At what time does the line-up disappear? [2]
  3. At what time is the line-up longest? [2]
  4. How long does the 120th person to arrive have to stand in line?[1]
  5. When does the person who will have to stand in line longest arrive? [2]
  6. Suppose there are 120 prime slots and that these go to the first 120 people to arrive. At what time should you arrive if if you want to get a prime slot, but spend as little time as possible in line? [2]

Bonus. What city is Unseen University in? [0.2]

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